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Hey Hey!

by Justin Angelo Band

Debut Date: February 19th, 2019

After taking home a win at the Susquehanna folk music society battle of the bands, Justin Angelo Band got 8 hours of free studio time at Think Loud Studios in York PA, owned by Chad Taylor of the band LIVE. Then hired out a few of the horn players from The American Music Theatre as well as Big Fat Meanies to add to the track. Mixed by Dan Meyer at Think Loud & York College Studios and Mastered by The Mastering House’s own Tom Volpicelli.

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Live From Altana Lounge: Lancaster Roots & Blues

by Justin Angelo Band

Debut Date: December 21st, 2018

Come along for a ride with Justin Angelo Band as they walk you through a thirteen song live show about life, love and optimism. Recorded at Altana Lounge in Lancaster, PA on March 10th, 2018 during the Annual Lancaster Roots & Blues Music Festival.

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Analog EP

by Justin Angelo

Debut Date: September 21st, 2017

Recorded On 2 Inch Analog Tape, The Second Studio Release By Justin Angelo "Analog EP"

Photo By James T. Giffen Photography

Album Artwork By Adam "Inkfiend" Serrano


Down To Earth

by Justin Angelo

Debut Date: August 15th, 2015

The first studio album by Justin Angelo. "Down To Earth"

Recorded and Engineered by Justin Angelo at W.A.Co. Studios Mixed & Mastered by Bobby Gentilo at Right Coast Recording Columbia PA

Album artwork by Adam "Inkfiend" Serrano

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WITF/NPR Interview with host Joe Ulrich: The Justin Angelo Band

by Justin Angelo Band

Debut Date: September 27th: 2017

By Joe Ulrich of WITF

Singer and songwriter Justin Angelo has surrounded himself with good musicians, and that makes him bring his best to the group.

"I feel like I'm surrounded by musicians who are musically much better than myself. And that brings my all to it. Because I'm not just trying to do this for me. I'm doing this for the collective of what we're trying to achieve here."

The collective is known as the Justin Angelo Band. And Justin, along with drummer Dustin Love, Bassist Brenden Stengle and keyboardist Aaron Trasatt, were all on point when they played some songs in our studio recently.